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the first time

Every time I try to describe the 5Rhythms® in words, I automatically start to move. It is difficult to put something so physical into words, but in the following I give it a try.

The 5Rhythms® are both, free dance and dynamic meditation. There are no step sequence, but you are guided by me and the music through the natural flow of a wave, i.e. the movements start flowing, become clear and focused, then chaotic and wild, next light and playful and finally still. Each rhythm has its own energy and quality.

You decide for yourself how deep you want to dive. You can simply have fun, recharge your energy, be in contact and release tension or at the same time let go of your thoughts, move what moves you and meet others or yourself in new ways. There is always space for your individuality, you have the freedom to do everything in your own tempo and energy. You learn to dance as you want and need it in this moment. This can help you to increase your body awareness and intuition, to feel alive and free and to arrive in your center.

Everyone on the dance floor was once a newcomer. Just give it a try to follow the magic of your own dance, to trust your impulses and be open to change. Let the music, the exercises and the participants inspire you and surprise you. It will be different every time.


In the 5Rhythms®-Waves we dance one or two waves, sometimes with a warm-up at the beginning. Usually there is a short introduction, a theme and we do a small exercise. Sometimes I guide more and sometimes less, depending on the group dynamics and what the participants need. 

The dancefloor opens about 10 minutes before the start. You can use this free time to warm up on your own, rest, arrive, stretch, take time for yourself or whatever you need or feels good at that moment.


The 5Rhythms®-Workshops also include Waves, but the difference is you can dive deeper, have more intense experiences and a stronger connection to yourself and the other participants. Together we explore the topic of the workshop and due to the longer duration we have more space for exercises, sharing, special moments as well as group dynamics. The more open you are to the process, the more the intensity, inspiration and self experience can increase.


Recommendable is that you bring movement-friendly clothes in layers, bare feet, alternatively non-slip socks, a glass-free water bottle for refilling and a towel for the shower, because we will sweat.

We move without words and mobiles are off and out of sight, because when we focus our attention on the body, words and screens are an obstacle for everyone in the room. Please come sober at all times. We will start and end together if possible. Please let me know briefly at the beginning if you are dancing the 5Rhythms® for the first time.

good to know

Please take responsibility for your own wellbeing, be aware of your limits, hydrate yourself, manage your energy, take breaks when needed, take your time and move with your eyes open. You may experience more intense or more passive phases, anyway just follow your impulse and at the same time respect the others, which you can also expect the other way round. 

My instructions are always invitations, which means voluntary. Please be gentle with yourself, don´t do anything that is unpleasant or even painful for you. Sometimes held feelings release. You are invited to give this space and let others have their space with it too.

diseases and effects

Regular participation can have therapeutic effects, but is not used to heal physical or mental illnesses and is not a substitute for psychotherapeutic, curative, medical or other treatments/therapies. If you suffer from a mental or physical illness, please let me know briefly before the 5Rhythms®-Waves or contact me beforehand if you want to take part in a workshop. Thank you very much!

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"When was the last time you did something
for the first time?"

John C. Maxwell